Why DMedia Excels

Licensing content and managing copyright can be challenging, confusing and time consuming.  DMedia Associates helps you develop and implement an effective content procurement plan. Our expert knowledge and unparalleled experience will save you time and money so you can focus on what is important: your end-users and business.  Information is at the center of innovation and having access to timely, high quality content ensures researchers and staff are up-to-date with the latest discoveries and knowledge breakthroughs. DMedia can support you with the entire process of purchasing and managing copyrighted materials.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies?

With DMedia, licensing and managing information is no longer time-consuming, complex and expensive.


  • Deep and expansive first-hand experience on the buy AND sell side of information licensing – we know the industry inside-out
    • On the buy-side: we have helped some of the world’s most innovative corporations including Amgen, Nestlé, and Purdue Pharma.  We have helped the Governments of the United States and of Brazil.
    • On the sell-side: we have negotiated subscriptions for some of the world’s leading publishers: Elsevier, AAAS Science, and Wolters Kluwer
  • Expert negotiation skills developed over 20+ years in the Publishing industry
  • Reputations and success built on integrity, knowledge and mutual respect
  • Fair yet thorough; tenacious and compliant in all our dealings on your behalf
  • Seasoned negotiators able to move through difficult conversations and achieve results while keeping relationships intact
  • Our analysts leverage experience and technology to ensure optimized buying decisions
  • Lean and agile operation provides you with a direct point of contact who always knows your needs



  • First-hand and thorough understanding of information services concerns within organizations
  • In-house legal expertise for licensing, rights acquisition and copyright compliance - ensuring the full value of the content you purchase
  • Insight gained on publisher and corporate licensing boards – creating model licenses that are used by a large number of prominent publishers and organizations for their content licensing
  • Obtained from organizing numerous types of information events for both providers and users of information products
  • Through developing content and setting pricing



  • Close and extensive personal contacts at every major scientific, technical, medical and academic publisher  - We maintain collaborative long-term working relationship with those who create the essential content your organization requires
  • Long-term relationships developed by working for research-centric corporations
  • Personal contacts at document delivery suppliers, rights management providers and other industry stakeholder organizations
  • Experience and connections from being on the advisory boards of numerous content providers and Publishing Industry Associations and Conferences

DMedia’s service is excellent. Their negotiators and analysts are customer-orientated, proactive and get us the content we need at the right price.

Local Service with Global Perspective

You deal directly with our senior team, who personally manage all aspects of the service no matter your time zone.