We provide comprehensive subscription management and licensing services.

Is licensing content or understanding copyright challenging for your organization due to lack of resources, changes in personnel, or lack of relevant expertise? Imagine a work environment that is collaborative and harmonious.   We partner with you to free your time so you can focus on what really matters: your organizations end-users and business success. DMedia Associates can help.

Offering an End-to-End Service

  • Consult to develop and implement an effective procurement plan including objectives, priorities, terms and clauses
  • Review user rights (existing license agreements and new requirements)
  • Negotiate any new content and rights with publishers and vendors
  • Deliver renewals and fully executed licenses on time
  • Secure invoices for timely payment
  • Provide ongoing support for rights, access issues, legal questions and copyright
  • Achieve budget targets
  • Advice on best practices and relevant emerging content and technologies
  • Metrics analysis to determine the value of individual subscriptions
  • Access support
  • Legal and copyright guidance

DMedia Associates frees your time and saves your company money on new and renewal subscriptions.

DMedia negotiates and manages licenses and eContent Subscriptions – so our clients can focus on their businesses and end-users.


DMedia helps you get the relevant content, within budget with all the rights you need to help your business grow

We care about information and the value it brings companies…in fact we’ve built our careers, our reputations and our business around it. Our end-to-end service draws from our unique knowledge, first-hand experience and relevant contacts across the entire publishing industry to ensure you get the information and global rights your company needs – all on time and within budget.


DMedia Associates has experience on the buying side and the selling side

One of the key elements that set us apart from other companies is that we have sat on both sides of the negotiating table. On the buying side, we have helped negotiate licenses for Governments of The United States and of Brazil, and for some the world’s most innovative corporations such as Amgen and Nestle. On the selling side, we have negotiated subscriptions for some of the world’s leading publishers: AAAS, Elsevier, The American Medical Association and Wolters Kluwer. Furthermore, we have the legal qualifications to ensure your organization gets the full value for the content you purchase. Lastly, our analysts examine usage data thoroughly and leverage technology to ensure you optimize your buying decisions.


DMedia Associates can help you achieve your goals


We are your partner in developing and implementing an effective procurement plan for your organization that leverages our expert knowledge and unparalleled experience gained from over seven decades of buying and selling digital information. We are committed to helping you save time and money on new and renewal subscriptions, so you can focus on what is truly important – your relevant end-users.


DMedia Associates understands and delivers

We understand that Information is at the center of all progressive organizations – as information helps companies drive innovation. Having access to timely, high quality content ensures researchers and staff are up-to-date with the latest discoveries and knowledge breakthroughs. We also know the entire process of purchasing and managing information is time-consuming, complex and expensive. We know that content is unique, pricing continues to rise and usage rights vary. We can manage some or all of the procurement process for you – either way, we will get the job done while maintaining a collaborative and harmonious long-term working relationship with those who create the essential content your organization requires.