Rethinking Authentication, Revamping the Business

IP authentication is the most important mechanism for authorizing access to licensed e-resources. Substantial business and policy issues for libraries and publishers alike connect up to IP authentication. Today, there is growing interest in eliminating IP authentication, so it is timely to examine the implications if we were soon to see its end.

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Bitcoin: A Solution to Publisher Authentication and Usage Accounting

Until recently, I’ve considered Bitcoin to be a shady digital currency that facilitates the activities of drug lords, arms dealers, smugglers, prostitution rings, and other nefarious activities that hide in the shadows of an open market. In recent years, however, Bitcoin, has been moving into more pedestrian and lawful activities.

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What Golf Can Learn From Online Dating

Imagine for a moment that a restaurant is trying to convince you to make a reservation for lunch. You’ll be in a lovely and relaxing setting, they tell you. You’ll meet regulars who can’t get enough of the place. But unless you bring three other people, there will be a twist.

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Time OffDavid Myers
Discounting is killing online retailers. Here's how one startup is trying to fix that.

Mark Walker had two goals for his startup this year: Get its new line of clothing into as many guys' homes as possible and get them to pay full price. He would have to get creative.Walker, after all, is the CEO of JackThreads, a men's clothing site that has mainly been known for its discounted prices since it started in 2008.

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California "Yelp Law" Shields Online Reviewers

Under a new California law, companies could be slapped with thousands of dollars in fines for trying to punish consumers for writing negative online reviews.The so-called Yelp Law makes it unlawful for a company to insert a provision into a consumer contract that waives the right to make "any statement" about the goods or services purchased. 

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Internet, LegislationDavid Myers