How to Stop Customers from Fixating on Price

At a consumer products company we’re familiar with, no one on the senior team would ever refer to the company’s products as “commodities.” Managers there know what the competition has to offer, and they know their goods are different. They can name the distinctive features and explain their value—and they can tell you how much they’ve spent on innovation to keep that edge.

What Airbnb Understands About Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”

On a recent business trip to London, I surprised the conference organizers by turning down the opportunity to stay at the posh hotel hosting the conference in favor of a rather modest Airbnb flat. The hotel was clearly much more luxurious. The flat would require me to take the tube or an Uber to the event. Who in their right mind would make such a choice?

Lessons Learned©: Westfield Corporation (Adapt from other industries)

It was reported yesterday that Westfield Corporation, which operates 32 large U.S. malls is looking to startups to spur innovation. They are concerned with the perception that online retailers are capturing the eyes (and pocketbooks) of consumers, thereby eroding their market dominance and ultimately profits.

Bitcoin: A Solution to Publisher Authentication and Usage Accounting

Until recently, I’ve considered Bitcoin to be a shady digital currency that facilitates the activities of drug lords, arms dealers, smugglers, prostitution rings, and other nefarious activities that hide in the shadows of an open market. In recent years, however, Bitcoin, has been moving into more pedestrian and lawful activities.

What Golf Can Learn From Online Dating

Imagine for a moment that a restaurant is trying to convince you to make a reservation for lunch. You’ll be in a lovely and relaxing setting, they tell you. You’ll meet regulars who can’t get enough of the place. But unless you bring three other people, there will be a twist.

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